Sunday, January 31, 2016

Take Time For Tea

Tea, though ridiculed by those who are naturally coarse in their nervous sensibilities will always be the favorite beverage of the intellectual.

Whether or not you consider yourself an intellectual, tea is a very pleasant pastime. Many consider tea a beverage you drink poured over ice, sipped on hot days to cool you down. It is so much more than that. 

It is a time to slow down and enjoy life. Take your time. Brew your tea. Pour it in a favorite mug or a cherished fine china cup. Sip it slowly, savoring the smell of it, the warmth of it in your hands. Sit. Curl up with a good book. Maybe enjoy it outside on your porch or patio, and listen to the sounds around you, knowing you are apart from any chaos. Have tea with friends over tea sandwiches and other dainty foods, laughing at stories and generally enjoying the time spent together. Tea reminds us of the finer things in life and how slowing down helps us to center and find home once again.

Vanilla caramel truffle black tea

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