Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year, New Tea Adventures

I started this blog at the urging of a friend who insisted I needed to do so. I have neglected it terribly. Initially, my friend wanted me to start a tea blog because she was convinced that I own at least a year's worth of mugs and different teas. While I don't think this is true (okay, maybe the variety of teas is true), I decided this year I would test this theory.

So, every day I will post a picture of a different tea mug. Should I prove right (and my friend wrong) about the number of mugs I have, I will then post pictures of the different tea items I also have, from teapots to tea art.

But, so as not to be completely boring, I will also try to add something about tea. Quotes, recipes, books, etc. You know, to make it a little more interesting. And, if like I said in my very first post, "...even if no one but Susan ever reads my blog" , I will still enjoy posting for my own love of tea.

I begin with the mug that started the whole thing off.

I decided to start the year off with a smoky Chinese Fortune oolong. Seems entirely appropriate.

So, what is oolong tea? It is like a mix between black and green teas. The leaves are oxidized for half the time of black tea. What you get is a reddish brown brew with a full and developed flavor with less caffeine. According to Why Drink Oolong Tea, by Dr. Andrew Weil, there is some research on the positive effects of oolong tea on blood sugar and fat oxidation, but that more research is needed.

If you have never had oolong tea, give it a try. Start your new year with a new experience! By the way, January is National Hot Tea Month. So, what better way to begin the adventure?


  1. I love your blogs!
    Do you know how hard it is to pass up unique tea mugs at thrift stores? I think of you every time. :-;

    1. Thank you! And, I never pass up a looksee at a thrift store. I have bought several that way!

  2. I believe we will get very close to at least the middle of the year before you run out of mugs, at least.