Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Tea for Twelfth Night

January 6 is Twelfth Night, or as some would call it, Epiphany. Since for some this signals the end of the holiday season, it seemed appropriate for the first tea party of the new year. I decided to keep it fairly simple, augmenting the food and tea with a viewing of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night.

Tea party food typically includes bite size sandwiches, a savory and a sweet. Scones or biscuits are often served, as well.

My sandwiches were pimiento cheese sandwiches, made with Daiya cheddar and vegan mayonnaise.

My savory was pecan halves with a vegan cream cheese filling.

My sweet was cake balls. Leftover rum cake pulsed into crumbs, mixed with a vegan cream cheese frosting, chilled then rolled into balls.

I offered a variety of teas so that participants could choose their favorite.

An alternative to watching a performance of Twelfth Night is to have your guests assigned roles and read. It's okay to double or triple up on roles, depending on the number of guests. As always, the important thing is to keep things light and fun and enjoyable for everyone.

You can learn more about ways to add to your celebration here.