Wednesday, May 24, 2017

At long last

We're finally getting another second refrigerator. Yeah, I know, privilege speaking. But it's a luxury and I love it. See, I'm a vegan, and my husband is not. Never the twain shall meet when it comes to refrigerator/freezer space. We had one years ago, but it died a slow, stinky death. We have one of those mini fridges right now, but it is insufficient to our cause. So, today, in preparation, I started scrubbing out the main fridge. I have to, you see. Meat bleeds when left in a fridge to thaw, and it's DISGUSTING. It drips on everything. Oh, yeah, something underneath it would have helped. I think you feel me now.

So now I'm relaxing with a nice hot cuppa black tea with caramel nougat. Go me.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

I love my cats

I really do. Even when they cannot pass up an opportunity to destroy the jigsaw puzzle I am working on.

After reassembling it - again - I'm gonna sit back and sip a black tea with black cherry. And chill.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

So thrifty

Goodwill loves me. I imagine the employees there smiling as I walk in and hand over a large trash bag of donations, and then proceed into the store to shop. I figure if I'm adding to my *stuff*, I should also be contributing to other people's, lol. I tend to go on the senior days, and see a lot of the same faces when I do. Hey, we love our sales!

Recently I bought a mug that the cashier couldn't stop talking about. She said she had seen it and had fallen in love with it. I almost, almost, felt guilty for buying it. So today I am enjoying a black peach brulee tea out of that mug.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017


When my daughter moved out, I claimed her room as my "play room". I haven't been able to really do with it what I want, because it's become, out of necessity, somewhat of a catch all room. I'm sure that will change soon enough.

I even have a tea maker ready to set up for that room. I'll move some of my mugs to use there. This is one:

Today I'm drinking another sinful tea. A black tea with chocolate rose. Heaven!