Sunday, February 21, 2016

You can buy happiness!

I often tell my husband that if we get separated in the grocery store and he can't find me, always look in the tea aisle. I'll probably be there, checking to see if there is a new tea on the shelves. And I am. I did it, even today. It's like a candy store for me. I love, love, love to find a tea I don't have, buy it, and bring it home. It darn near makes me giddy.

So, I really can buy happiness. And it comes in a box or a tin, and makes me very happy.

Today I enjoy a green tea with raspberries and peaches, in a mug depicting a mythic scene. I bought this print while traveling in Italy many years ago. Those memories, that print, and this mug also contribute to my happiness.

See how simple it really can be?

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