Saturday, February 27, 2016

Tea after gardening

I had posted on Facebook recently how I am hesitant to let people know I'm a Master Gardener, that one look at my seriously neglected yard was enough to convince anyone I must be pathological! I shared this along with a photo of my scratched arm, after wrestling with an angry and sorely ignored fairy rose. I'm still not even done with the trimming she needs, but I'm getting there. She is such a feisty rose - don't let the sweet little blooms fool you!

But I will say, unequivocally, it feels really nice to be back out in the yard working with my plants. So many were lost after the last hurricane, and I've never truly gotten back out there to fix things. Poor excuses, yeah. But I'm out there now. So much work to do! And even though the little fairy was fighting me, grabbing my clothes, piercing my skin, being generally difficult, I could almost hear her sigh of relief that I was making her life a little easier.

Afterwards, I come inside, and you guessed it, have some tea.

What could be better than a green and white blended tea with strawberries, roses, and plums?

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