Friday, February 26, 2016

Tea and sleep

Earlier, I talked about chamomile and insomnia, and I stand by it. Chamomile is a really excellent tea for helping one sleep. But if you aren't having issues with insomnia, any herbal tea is a great way to ease into bedtime.

I have a large collection of herbal teas. Mostly I used to buy them for my kids when they were little, so they could share in my joy of tea. Kids have enough energy to spare, so I never wanted to give them caffeine. Which is funny, now, that I think about it, because all of them love coffee, which has much more caffeine than tea! Anyway, as they grew up and I was left with all that herbal tea, I was concerned it might go to waste. I was never much of an herbal tea drinker.

But then, the proverbial light bulb clicked on. I knew my tendency to drink tea throughout the day was probably contributing to my difficulty in falling asleep. So now I make a habit of having a mug of an herbal tea at night. I like to read before bed, so sipping something warm and delicious while I do just seems like the perfect way to end my day.

I hope you'll try it, too.

Cinnamon Apple Spice in a sweet farm themed mug:

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