Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Moroccan Way of Tea

In many countries, tea is a way of life, and Morocco is no exception. I had read a little quip in a magazine how drinking tea was just part of the transaction involving buying a rug. Intrigued, I did a little Google search, and was both surprised and delighted to read this is not uncommon!

In Morocco, offering tea is showing hospitality, and a way to bond and create new relationships. Isn't this divine?

The common tea consumed is a gunpowder green tea with mint and sugar. Sometimes pine nuts are added. The tea is considered drinkable only if it has foam on top. To achieve this foam, the tea is poured from a teapot with a long narrow spout, from a height of about twelve inches. The tea is served in small glasses.

Bread soaked in tea is often given to babies.

An interesting article about the mysticism and preparation of the tea can be found here. There are lots of pictures there, too.

So what am I drinking today? Why, Moroccan Mint tea, of course!

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