Monday, March 7, 2016

Tea and winter weight loss

I've lost about 26 pounds so far this winter season. I mean, I have quite literally worked my butt off. I also follow my own advice about drinking tea. Shocker, I know. I've posted about oolong and green tea and weight loss, and white tea and fat cells. But there is another tea that helps.

Ginger tea.

Yes, ginger tea is technically an herbal tea and not a "real" tea, but are you really going to quibble? Ginger is known for helping with a queasy stomach, but did you know that sipping three cups a day burns nearly 150 calories? It seems to be a metabolism booster. Ginger is a diuretic that helps to relieve swelling, bloating, and water retention. This can help make you appear thinner, while you actually work on getting thinner!

Off to sip some ginger tea!

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