Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Teabags and manicures

Years ago I had this little kit for repairing nails. It consisted of glue and strips of a mesh type paper. Imagine my surprise when I realized I could achieve the same results with super glue and teabags!

Yes, really. Since I save all the tea inside of teabags anyway for my garden, having access to dry teabags is a regular thing here. And, since I do love having long nails - even when they are more often than not impractical - because they make me feel very feminine, it has been a big help. The tragedy of long nails is, besides jamming them into things unintentionally, they break. Or chip. Or snag. You get the picture. So, I employ the use of a small snip of a teabag and some super glue, and voila! "Normal" nails. Well, normal as can be once you apply some glittery polish to hide the little rough part from the glue and teabag.

I'm not making this sound like much of a life hack, am I?

But the truth is, it works. It allows me to keep my nails long, and painted. Once the nail grows to a point I can trim or file it, the damage is gone. So it's really worth it, for me at least, in the end.

And I get to sip my white peach tea while my nails dry...

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