Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The English Way of Tea

When most people, myself included, thinks of tea customs, England immediately comes to mind. Afternoon tea, high tea, just tea in general always brings to mind something quintessentially English. And while this  may indeed be the case, tea is actually something relatively new to England.

It may have been King Charles II and his Queen Catherine of Braganza that popularized tea in the 17th century in England, but it was the Duchess of Bedford who, in the 1800s, made afternoon tea fashionable.

Although, as Americans, we tend to view afternoon tea as a posh affair, with delicate teacups and saucers and dainty finger foods, the word *tea* can also be used to mean a late afternoon meal. And, fyi, there is a difference between afternoon tea and high tea.

Mostly, tho, I wanted to talk about English tea customs just to show off my tea mug.

Yes, you can be jealous...! Even if I am being somewhat cliche' by drinking English Breakfast tea right now.

And, if you don't know who this is, you very clearly are not a fan of the BBC!

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