Tuesday, December 20, 2016


I got my new cabinet delivered and it doesn't hold all my mugs! Well, it does hold most of them, so that totally counts for something. And I was able to place my overflow cookbooks on the available shelves, so it's kinda sorta working out. I can't say I'm disappointed. More, I'm not surprised. And, I think I found another mug I haven't taken a picture of.

But today is the second of the superly duperly large mugs I mentioned yesterday. This one specifically says not to be used with food, and that's okay. It's just too enormous for a simple cup of tea. But, it was a gift from my youngest, so it's special.

Today, despite the freezing weather, I had a glass of iced tea with my lunch. In my mind, iced tea is the perfect beverage for every day of the year.

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