Friday, December 16, 2016

Believe it or not

I have finally reached the end of my mug posts! This year I have purchased several additions and managed to lose only one (thanks, honey! LOL!). My posted collection does not include my husband's collection (yes, he has a few of his own, but he drinks coffee mostly so they don't count ;) ) It also doesn't include my teapot/teacup combo sets (more on those later!), and probably doesn't include a few of the Christmas mugs. And I haven't even touched on my otherwise growing and fairly extensive tea related collection of teapots and tea accessories.

But, at least I managed to get all my mugs posted about, and no, oh-friend-of-mine-that-issued-the-original-challenge, I don't appear to have an entire year's worth of mugs. So, my final count, minus anything mentioned above, is 178. Today's teacup/mug isn't included in this count, because it's not quite a stand alone.

Today I am enjoying an English Toffee rooibos.

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