Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Remember when

Remember turntables for records? No, I mean before they started coming back. Back when they were the only thing. 33s and 45s. I still have most of mine. A few years ago I bought a turntable for them, since mine had passed to the great record playing beyond. It's been sitting on a bookcase where I can use it, but it's not really well balanced. My mom has been doing quite a bit of tidying at her home, and one thing she had she wanted to get rid of was, you guessed it, a stand specifically for turntables. And guess who she gave it to? So it is now happily ensconced in my home, being used for its original purpose. And I am contentedly listening to some of my old albums.

While drinking tea, of course! A delicious green with acai and blueberry.

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