Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Mixed blessings

Hubby took some vacation days last week. They are always a mixed blessing. On the con side, his being home disrupts my weekday routine, especially when the vacation is a staycation rather than going somewhere. The pro is that my mornings are much more relaxed. I know I don't have to get up sooner than I'd like to see what needs handled for the day, because I know he'll have taken care of it. I'm not suggesting we have daily upsets, but like the Picard meme, sometimes I feel like I'll look at my phone and query "Damage control".

However, another thing about him being home is I am more likely to eat breakfast, because I can do it leisurely. Other mornings I get up and tend not to eat, having my first meal at lunch, because I'm busy from the time my feet hit the floor. When he's home, I'll sit in bed and read for awhile, before getting up to start my day. I guess in reality, his disrupting my weekday routine is sounding more like a blessing!

Today's breakfast tea was a peach cobbler - a black tea with peach, cinnamon, and apple.

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