Wednesday, September 21, 2016

C'mon fall!

I know fall officially starts tomorrow, but where I live, it'll be another month before we even start to feel it even a little. I complain about the heat, but I don't mind it really all that much. I have a good ac and I love iced tea, so I'm usually pretty good. I just mind not being able to go for walks in the park because it's so danged hot!

Which, of course, makes perfect sense I still drink hot tea, right?

This mug is one of my oldest and one of my favorites. It has a history. I bought my first one at our local renfest one year. Later, during an out of state move, it tumbled out of the moving truck we were driving and onto a concrete curb and shattered. Heartbroken, we bought another one at the next renfest just like it. My toddler bumped against the rack that held all of my mugs and only one came smashing to the floor. Guess which one. So, third time's a charm. I kind of guard it like someone obsessed, which I guess I am.

I am drinking another herbal fruit tea.

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