Wednesday, May 24, 2017

At long last

We're finally getting another second refrigerator. Yeah, I know, privilege speaking. But it's a luxury and I love it. See, I'm a vegan, and my husband is not. Never the twain shall meet when it comes to refrigerator/freezer space. We had one years ago, but it died a slow, stinky death. We have one of those mini fridges right now, but it is insufficient to our cause. So, today, in preparation, I started scrubbing out the main fridge. I have to, you see. Meat bleeds when left in a fridge to thaw, and it's DISGUSTING. It drips on everything. Oh, yeah, something underneath it would have helped. I think you feel me now.

So now I'm relaxing with a nice hot cuppa black tea with caramel nougat. Go me.

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